Their repair service is a scam!

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Whem my phone was sent back to me because I didn't want to pay for "water damage" even though this wasn't the problem. The problem that I though at first was the charging port broke loose of the board so I couldn't charge my phone. So when I got my phone back it was in horrible shape than before, the back plate looked like it was about to fall off and the whole phone looked overall bad. I didn't want to remove the backplate because I didn't have a phone back then but when I got my OnePlus 6 I felt like I should remove the backplate of the Axon 7 because I wanted to see if I can fix it.This was my first time though. I first started to looking for ways to get in but I found that when the repair service was putting it back together they put it on poorly. So I removed it. Right off the bat I found that 1 pin was removed and it was close to the battery so I connected it to the board, plugged it in and it started charging! I'm so glad that I didn't pay for it. if I did, I would of wasted 80 dollars of the technicians connecting the pin to the board.
This wasn't the worst part. When I sent my phone, my phone was completely out of charge. When I got my phone back, fixed it and started charging it the phones battery was at 70%. So the repair service already knew that the pin was out of place. plugged it in. Started charging it. Asked me for money because it was"water damaged". I didn't want to pay for it so they unplugged the pin and sent the phone to me. Just think about it. When you send your ZTE device to their repair service and you think it's out of warranty just send it to your nearest 3rd party repair technician. It will be cheeper and faster!

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