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I like to be able to place my Axon 7 on a cradle that I can plug my home cordless phone base to it. As such, I can use many of my cordless laying in the house without me going to sesrch the cell.

I know ZTE has a home phone box..but I found taking the sim card in and out is a bit tedious everytime.

Does ZTE has such a beast?

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    I don't think I saw any product like that, but I know a number of cordless phone makers do offer Bluetooth pairing with smartphones where the cordless phone will pretend that it is connected to a land line, but on the back end it is really acting as a headset and HID device where it will make the smartphone place the call, and the cordless phone will route it through each cordless phone in the house. It works virtually the same as having a land line.

    My current system does that, It was pretty much this kit, but costco was selling it for about $80 at the time.


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    Thx Razor512..and your info.

    I saw the Panasonics in Costco. Not sure how well they work.

    Since ZTE already has a cellular home system WF###. I would think it is quite easy for them to develop an cradle....The cradle product is good compliement to ZTE to sell more cord cutters are interested in such device. OEM cradle is less likely to have issues though they do have sometimes.

    Would it be nice when you go home drop the phone to cradle...and be able to use cordless.

    Yes,. For wonzt work...I still have to go to use the cell....

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