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Hi, I wanted to give some feedback on my recent repair experience.

I sent my phone for repair as the battery life was greatly depreciated and it was still under warranty.

In the initial chat, I mentioned that my phone had a small LCD crack which should not have impacted the battery coverage.

FedEx delivered my phone to the repair center on 7/26/18.

After a few days, I checked the status and noticed it was in a Pending status. I reached out the next day via chat and was told it would not be covered as there was a small scratch on the LCD but they would repair it for an $80 fee.

So I called, made payment and asked for an emailed receipt. A few days later the status was the same and no email, so I reached out via chat again today and was told that my ticket was not updated correctly.

At this point is has been about 8 business days since the phone was received. I am very disappointed with the lack of communication and turn around time. The small LCD crack should not have impacted the battery coverage, or this should have been made apparent in the initial chat.


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    They send out re-furbed units, and then they repair your device, and use it as a future re-furb. Since your device has a scratch on the LCD, they would have to replace it before they could use it as a re-furb for other users in the future. They would have done this for any other reason as well most likely. This should have been explained, but I guess it wasn't. That stinks, but that is what is most likely going on.

    Hope you get your device back soon.

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    That does not seem accurate, I did not opt for the Advance Exchange Option, so I assume my phone would be serviced and returned. I hope someone from ZTE can confirm here.

    Regardless, it seems that ZTE is not honoring their warranty. The battery is defective. The LCD crack is cosmetic and should be considered normal wear.

    ZTE (USA) INC. (“ZTEUSA”) warrants to the original end-user purchaser that the AXON devices will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of 2 years from date of purchase with proof of purchase; or from the manufacturing date if no proof of purchase is available (the “Warranty Period”). This Limited Warranty is not transferable by you. If you discover your device is defective, please contact the ZTEUSA hotline 1-800-617-5065 regarding troubleshooting and for directions on how to return your device for service.

    The biggest problem has definitely been the lack of communication, I was not made aware of the problem until I checked the repair status myself.

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    Good morning, @ZTE_AXON_7 I'm very sorry to hear the experience you've had submitting a warranty claim, and you're right, the warranty covers repair. In most cases, if a consumer does not opt for an advanced exchange, the first option is to repair the unit. Our technicians determine, however, once the device arrives, if it can be repaired or if it is better to replace the unit. Most often than not, a device is repaired and returned. We, at the call center, do not find out if a device has been repaired or replaced until the techs document and close the ticket. A crack, of any kind no matter the size, will void the warranty and a fee will be assessed. Once the unit is repaired or replaced, the warranty will be restored from the original purchase date. If you'd be so kind to message us your RMA number, I'm happy to look into this further for you and offer a better answer to what may have happened with your ticket.

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