One Year Later... How Well Is Your Blade Z Max Holding Up?



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    Had mine 2 1/2 years now and first big problem. Take a lot of pictures for a case I am working on. January 5 I went to download to computer and last pic was Jan 3, 2021. All texts everything goes to 128GB sd card.

    Blade ZMAX camera won't save pictures. It just clicks but the picture does not save?

    Can anyone please tell me how to get my camera working again? I can't even get it to use the internal memory?

    I have all my information going to SD card

    I still have 17gb left on the SD card was working great last pictures/videos 1-3-21 I went to download important pics from 1-5 and 1-6 and they weren't there. I tried to delete pics and largest videos. No help, they won't delete.

    Can you remove the SD card and delete pictures on PC then put it back in without losing all the texts?

    I've restarted, rebooted, cleared cache, switched on and off permissions for all other apps with a restart after each, tried safe mode.

    • Just FYI - I use the Blue circle messenger app. I went to send a message and I saw the camera icon there. I took a photo and I was able to attach and send it. So the camera is working.

    • PS I downloaded all photos and videos to my home computer but they will not erase off the SD card? Any solutions?

    • when I try to shoot a video it says
    • media recorder is busy please close related apps

    • Is there anyway to get tech support from ZTE on my issue, or is there a ZTE guru who works at a fix it store? I really need my camera to work again

    • Thank you in advance if anyone can help me

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