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Hi, hey, hello there
Let's start off with I hate this phone. To the point I want to throw myself off a metaphorical bridge. I first laid eyes on the M on Unbox Therapy MISTAKE 1 (the guy doesnt even do real reviews ) I had an iPhone 6s I refused to part with because I honestly didn't think I could ever do that since I had the thing forever and day, but then the ZTE happened and if you've ever sky dived with an anvil instead of a parachute you'll know exactly how this trade off went. It over heats, and I don't even use it for gaming, I was just excited to text without it interrupting my YouTube. I'm not a selfie type of person so I wasn't worried about camera quality but I'm not capturing any moments within the 5 minutes I'm spinning the phone around. I'm really at a loss here, like did I not do enough research or is this phone just over heating garbage. I'm at my wit's end .


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    Overheating many times is caused by an app that won't close correctly, or is poorly written. You could try backing out apps one at a time until the heating stops. You could also try a factory reset from scratch (NOT from a backup) to see if that helps. I have used my Axon M for weeks at a time and have never had any issues with overheating. Not saying the device is perfect, but never any issues with overheating.

    Aside from that I know what you mean with the iPhone 6S. I know people that refuse to upgrade from their Galaxy S7 because they like it so much. We get attached to certain devices. For me it's ZTE's Axon 7.

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    if your 7 has a warranty, return it.

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    if your ZTE has a warranty, exchange it.

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    @Friskydingo101 first welcome to the community!!
    I too have the AxonM, mine does heat up. I open the phone and seems to help.
    I do love my device, I use the A/B mode every day.
    Try looking into your apps installed and open the device up.

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    My Axon M only gets warm when I use it a lot in a short time frame, like Google maps app when driving (placing in front of AC vent with the holder accessory helps).

    But I also find an extended period of Internet use will get the device warm, especially when battery is getting low. I would not say that it gets hot though.

    Not sure how it does on gamming as I seldom use those type of Apps.

    I also am constantly checking to see if apps are active or not, "Clear all" as often as I can.

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    @Friskydingo101 We are in the same boat. This was one of the most expensive mistakes I made, getting this phone. When I'm not trying to use an app that's flipping my phone screen back and forth, I'm waiting for my messages to open, waiting for my phone to unfreeze, waiting for it to send a text message for 10 minutes. This is hands down, THE WORST phone I've ever bought, and I use to buy the cheapo prepaid Walmart phones.

    I was very excited for the dual-screen when I got it. I couldn't wait to use it all the time, watch YouTube uninterrupted by texts, watch porn on one screen, take notes on the other..but noooo. The only thing the second screen does is get super scratched.

    I applaud ZTE for their forward-thinking in creating this phone, but am very disappointed in their execution. Everything about this phone; I hate. Can't wait to go back to iPhone.

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    You know what i find interesting, .ill tell you what i find interesting... my M screens don't work either (that's not what u find- interesting tho) what it is is that there's no response on how to fix this problem. Sure, there's a lot of "try this" or "try thst" but no real answer. Now, that i find interesting.

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