My RMA experience with the ZTE Warp Connect

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On August 7, I mailed my 30-day old Warp Connect that wouldn't power on to ZTE's repair facility. It arrived on August 13, but was not checked in until August 14. On August 23, it had still not been assessed, and I hadn't had any updates from them to notify me of any sort of delay, so I contacted support by chat and was told they were going to swap out the unit but there were none in stock at that time. I was told to contact them the next day to see if they had come in. I waited the whole weekend, and on Tuesday contacted them again by chat. They said the replacements were still not in stock, and they didn't have an ETA. I quoted the warranty where it states if they cannot repair or replace they will refund, and noted that they seemed unable to either repair or replace, but they just kept repeating they didn't have an ETA. The best they could do was offer to put a note so I'd be notified when (or if) it ever shipped. I asked for the case to be escalated, and they said they would do that -- and that whoever it was escalated to might email me. They did not email.

I just checked the status page and it said they are now "assessing" the unit they received 16 days ago.

Evidently the Warp Connect fails regularly due to a bad battery, so the good news is, if they do ever send my device back to me, chances are it won't last and we'll be doing this again!

But we won't be doing this again, I'll just pay for the early upgrade and make sure I never again buy (or let someone give me) any ZTE product.

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