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My Axon 7 is celebrating it's 2nd birthday this week and it's still performing fine. However, it will probably not last forever. Which mid-range phone has front facing speakers or at least has a very good stereo sound?

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    If you are ok with a phone that is a year old spec wise. Meaning it has a Snapdragon 835 vs. the 845, etc. The 1 year old razor phone has a similar front speaker setup with Dolby Atoms. It is a year old and a new one is on the way, but you can find it on sale for a little cheaper than what the A7 was new as a result in some places. The Razor phone brand new was more expensive than a One Plus phone but cheaper than Samsung and others. If you like the A7 specs but want a phone that is still being sold and made until Razor says otherwise, especially with Version 2 coming out whenever it does, that is the phone to look at. Now if you want something more 2018 vs. 2017 where a 845 is involved and 2018 features. Phones like the Zenphone 5Z have dual speakers. They are not front facing and the DAC. they use is not Dolby Atoms. Also I think the 1+ phones have dual speakers non front facing as well and a non Dolby Atoms decent dac. but don't quote me on that.


  • rasalonrasalon IT Technical Support Team - ALS|Resolvion United StatesPosts: 148 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    By the way in case anybody cares, Razer just announced their invite to announced their 2nd razer phone to the press on 10/10/18 tonight. Everything is all rumors but the invite is in a border that looks allot like the shape of the current gaming focused Razer Phone, so we'll see. If the pricing is based off of last years model, we are talking probably close to low end Iphone Xs pricing on the high end maybe, but we'll see.

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