New SDHC Micro SD Issue Nothing will save on it

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I have a really strange new issue with my ZMAX Pro and a new SD card.

So I've just purchased what is basically the same exact SanDisk SDHC Micro SD card I have been using the last 2 years. My old one has been used so much it has started to become corrupted.

When I insert the new card, no matter how I format it, my phone's camera will give me a message stating that there is no external memory available, then it will force shut down the camera app.
I have tried a vareity of things, like emptying the camera and gallery cache. Restarting my phone. Reformatting the card again and again. To no avail.

What's really odd too is it won't let me download apps on the playstore either.

Yet when I put my old card back in, it's like everything is fine again with the camera, and it will still allow download of apps.

I don't want to do a factory reset on my phone to get this new card to work. Does anyone have a solution to make the card work?


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    Did you actually try formatting the card inside the phone itself? If so, it sounds like the card may just be defective or incompatible since the old card still works ok. 
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