Here is a full video walk through | Install Android Oreo on your ZTE Axon 7

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    Thank you very much.   since I have never updated a phone this way I was very hesitant to do it and get it bricked becasue It is a hastle to fix my phone since I live in Brazil.  I followed the directions through your video and the printout and had no problems.   Now it is a matter of getting the phone back to the way I want it.  Thanks again.
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    Nice work as always @mrjlwilliams !
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    great video. thanks. I know you said you dont backup, but I'm guessing I can use WeShare? I have certain things I need to save like text msgs (for legal matters) and wondering if that will all be restored after all of this? Also, should this be done with a blank SD card? I need to delete some stuff on mine to create the space too i guess. if I backup nova settings, and back up google app (which is automatically done i guess) and use weshare to save everything else... this should run smoothly like before doing a factory reset with weshare backup. I really hope it doesnt bork the vital stuff on backup
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    Great Video J Will's.  Thank You.
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    Thanks. @mrjlwilliams. That was painless.
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    where are you supposedly getting this ZIP? The links on the website are turned off by dropbox.
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    js1701 said:
    Thanks. @mrjlwilliams. That was painless.
    Painless?   I don't call having to completely wipe the phone painless.  
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    Hello z community im new here. I just bought axon 7 recently and yes all update has been done via ota and i see alot of video tutorial on how go upgrade to android 8. My question is can i just skip android 7 and direct update to android 8? Hope y'all can help. Or someone already done this? Skipping android 7..

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