B20 update files, anywhere besides the official link?

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edited October 30, 2018 5:16PM in Developers Lounge - Axon 7
Of all the idiotic things to do, ZTE is storing the official update for the axon 7 in a Dropbox account? Dropbox has a 200 gig limit per day that means only 150 people per day can download the update. Incredibly shortsighted thinking to store critical update files to the phone, on a third-party server?A server that limits the amount of times the file can be downloaded. How stupid is that?
 It looks like unfortunately since I need a phone to work, I'll have to go to a OnePlus 6T.
The axon 7 was a one-off thing... best sound to ever come out of a phone and they threw away the design and went with a notch?
Of course they would store the update files on a Dropbox server.
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