Side impact = delayed failure

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My Blade V8 Pro took a hard knock on it's side and continued to function for another 30 minutes.  After that it restarted, said the battery was at 100% (I predict it should have been at 50 to 70%), then proceeded to shut down and say that it was due to low power.  It has since held to that belief despite charging with the supplied charger.  I opened it up and all appears intact.  I have been able to boot it up, then immediately plug it in, to get it going for about 1 to 5 minutes before it decides that it needs to shut down due to overheating.  Any ideas on what's wrong?  The screen is 100% fine thanks to the screen protector.


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    It may not be overheating since the snapdragon 625 can function without thermal throttling on general tasks, even if not thermally bonded to a heatsink.

    When it shuts down, it is a sudden power loss, or is it an actual shutdown process where it unloads the OS and goes through a normal shutdown process?

    Also when you took it apart, were all of the connectors seated properly, and were all surface mount components in tact, e.g., no surface mount capacitor being knocked off of one of the power rails?
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    It gives me the heat warning, and shuts down fairly quickly after that.  I don't recall how long it used to take, but it seems as if it should stall a little more than it does.  It does at least start the shutdown process.  Upon opening the phone I found that the battery and another plug were unplugged, but I'm pretty sure that happened while I was taking off some of the internal shielding.  After plugging both in the phone behaved pretty much the same as before opening it.  I say pretty much because the low battery warning persisted.  I hadn't tried starting up the phone, then quickly plugging it in to the charger until after I reassembled it, so previous to opening and reassembling the phone, I had not been able to keep it on long enough to fully boot.  So, I can't say for certain the the temperature warning is due to the impact or something I messed up when I opened the phone.  I can say that when I accidentally left the plug that controls the power button unplugged that the phone thought it was fully charged, but of course would not turn on, and after opening it again and noticing that it was unplugged, it now thinks that it's battery is at 1% all the time once again, which was the original issue.
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