ZTE Blade Max 2S Full Review: Is This Phone Worth $180?

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For under $200, the #ZTE Blade Max 2S packs a lot of bang for your buck... @TechDaily gives you the rundown in his full review:


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    Great review @TechDaily! I love how you emphasize what not to expect from devices in this price range. Too many times people expect budget devices to perform like a flagship.  For the money, this seems like an awesome device.
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    I previously had the Grand X Max Plus. I loved that phone but had been unable to keep up on all my software updates and my battery was not holding it's charge quite as long. I didn't like phone options in the Cricket store or online, so I decided to purchase directly from ZTE. The Blade Max 2s was the closest I could find to my beloved Grand X Max Plus. However, at the time I purchased my Blade Max 2 s, I didn't realize I wouldn't be able to find a case for it, anywhere. I've always had a rugged phone case for my phones and up until this Blade Max 2s, I'd never had a cracked screen.

    Due to the Blade Max 2s being much narrower than the Grand X Max Plus, I dropped my Blade Max 2s, several times, cracking the screen. I found the Tudia phone case, however, it cracked the first time I dropped my phone. It didn't even last a month.

    If you are prone to dropping your phone, don't buy this one. Buy one you can find a wide range of cases for.

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