Axon M Gaming

thebabytotsthebabytots United StatesPosts: 1
Thought I would share the setup of the emulators I have running on my Axon M. Personally, I find this is the biggest advantage of the second screen. I use DrasticDS and PPSSPP to emulate the Nintendo DS and Playstation Portable. Would love to hear if anyone has good suggestions for gaming! 


  • PesoenPesoen DenmarkPosts: 10 ✭✭✭✭
    quick question about the ppsspp one, how did you get the controller layout to look that way? are you using an app or some function in the app do get it? asking because i can only get the default joystick and 6 buttons to show when i use the gamepad app the phone comes with.

    Kind Regards Pesoen
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