ZTE Spro2 Mobile Hotspot issue...

darkelfdvrdarkelfdvr GreecePosts: 1
Hi all,
new to this forum, i got an 'unlocked' AT&T device from Canada... while i'm living in Europe (Greece)
All fine, the small machine is wonderful, projections are good etc.
While travelling now in India, i decided to use it with a sim card for the first time, a local one. It works, i can browse the internet currently on the projector, and its showing LTE (4G).
I then wanted to use it as a hotspot, so i could connect a computer or smartphone to it in order to use its connection... I'm able to connect devices, but cannot browse anything... Tried changing settings, applied also BT tethering, shared internet etc... but still nothing... while on the device itself the internet is working.

Anybody had this issue? is it a 'bad' unlock or a known bug?
If i choose to root this device would it help?

Thanks in advance for all inputs...

All the best,

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