Forgot my pattern, have a fingerprint. PLEASE READ I'M DESPERATE!!!!

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edited December 22, 2018 4:24PM in Blade Z MAX
So I have a fingerprint lock on the phone but have the pattern as a back up. I've forgotten my pattern but the phone needs the pattern because its set up that way. I've tried so many different combinations to get into it and none of them worked. I did research and was made to believe I could unlock it with my google account, and long story short, I ended up putting a lock on the phone as if it were lost or stolen and theres apparently no way to take it off. After more failed attemps, I turned the phone off to see if by some miracle it would let me use my fingerprint instead of the pattern but instead its not even showing my lock screen anymore just a black screen that tells me to draw my pattern to unlock. I'm panicking and in tears because this phone has all my photos and videos of my baby when he was first born, it literally has everything on it and losing all of this will kill me :,( I don't know what to do but i feel like there has to be some kind of way to get into this phone! I also tried plugging it into my computer in hopes to back up all my stuff from the phone onto it but my computer wont even read the device and I'm assuming it may not be reading it because of the accidental lock I put on it from my google account. Now the phone is saying I have 8 more tries before it wipes out all of my data. PLEASE PLEASE somebody help me!!!! I'm willing to give a cash reward to someone that can tell me how I can get into this phone thats how desperate I am I'll do anything to not lose these pics/videos of my son!! :(
Side note: I was also wondering if I called the ZTE Customer service, is there anything they could do to help me?
Please someone help! 
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