ZTE Axon 7 Compressing Received MMS Pictures & Gifs

My ZTE Axon 7 suddenly began compressing pictures and gifs received via MMS to no more than 30 kb.  Sent pictures and gifs appear fine on the recipient's phone.  This happens when I'm using the default texting app Messaging as well as Google's Messages, Textra, Signal, etc.  HOWEVER, the phone does not compress media received through WhatsApp.  I've ruled out an issue with the Verizon network by switching SIM cards with my wife and sending a gif to her number, which is then received by my phone.  The received gif is still compressed to 30 kb.  I've performed several hard resets to restore all settings to factory, and nothing's worked.  Can anyone here help troubleshoot this please?  I'm running Android 7.1.1, kernel version 3.18.31, build number A2017UV1.1.0B35.

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    I just got the suggestion to use Verizon's Messages+ app from the guys over at BESTmvno.com.  I've tried to diagnose it with Message+, too, when talking to Verizon.  That's actually the first thing they make you do, but it didn't change anything before.  But of course, since I just downloaded it to check again, somehow I can receive MMS messages normally with Message+ now but not with any other texting app that sends MMS messages.  This is still a bizarre issue that didn't exist when I bought the phone years ago, but it's definitely not as urgent to find a solution.

    Thanks to BESTmvno.com and B. Diddy & ManiacJoe at androidcentral.com for their time troubleshooting this.  Zero thanks to those on this forum.


  • wheelmanwheelman Posts: 6 ✭✭✭
    Update:  This still happens in safe mode.  When I send myself a picture which is approximately 1 MB, in Messaging, a long press on the received MMS shows a drop down menu.  Choosing "Details" shows that the received picture is 30 kb or less.  If I send myself a gif that's below 30 kb, the received gif isn't compressed and plays as expected.
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    this is normal for MMS. The phone, carrier, and the receiving end all has a size limits to the MMS, so if you are sending or receiving large file MMS, it will get compressed. Hopefully with carrier adopting RCS, it will be less of an issue in the near future. 
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    So you're saying that if your friend sends you a 500 KB picture via MMS, you don't receive a 500 KB picture?  When a picture is sent to my phone which is less than 1 MB (500 KB for example), the image I see show up in my MMS app is 30 KB or less.  This is absolutely NOT normal.  The phone wasn't compressing received MMS's like this when I first activated the phone, and my wife's Samsung on the same plan on the Verizon network doesn't experience this problem.  The Verizon tech said that their network information shows that the full sized picture (again, 500 KB for example) is received by my phone.  For some reason, after the picture is received by my phone, the phone compresses/downsamples the picture further to 30 KB or less.
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