Miracast gone on Max View after Oreo update

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I recently updated my Max View from the factory-installed Nougat to the newly released Oreo.  To my chagrin, it appears that Miracast functionality ( which was working great on V 7.0) has been disabled with associated menus removed.  Tech support doesn't appear to be aware of what the situation is... they can't tell me for sure if it has in fact been removed or not.   But all of my research indicates that this is a result of a strategic move by most Android phone manufacturers ( likely to promote Google's Chromecast device sales).  

I was wondering if anybody out there could offer some more insight into this.  Thanks! 


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    @mg1440 I have a unit still on the original 7.1.1

    Do you remember where the miracast option would have been. I’m not finding it under display options or searching options overall.

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    Good question, sshasan.  On my last device, the Z982, Miracast was under "display" settings as you say - I believe the option was simply called, "Cast" or "Cast Screen".   On that device, I had started using an app from the Google Playstore, aptly called "Miracast Shortcut", which helped me bypass the various menu taps and go straight to the Miracast menu.  It's essentially just an icon on my home screen - a true "shortcut" that accesses the existing Miracast function on your phone rather than a sophisticated app that does anything special. 

    When switching phones a couple of months ago, I used Google restore to put all of the same apps on my new phone - including the Miracast Shortcut.  On the Z610DL Max View, I must've used the Shortcut to connect to my new LG TV a couple of weeks ago, since I was successful with it.  I must've done the same with my Roku devices, which connected without a hitch.  I assumed that the phone menus hadn't changed from the Z982 to Z610DL, but this might not have been the case - I don't recall if I ever used (or tried to use) the default menu structure to access Miracast. 

    At any rate, when I tried to use Miracast Shortcut after the Oreo update, it gave me a message that "Miracast menu settings not supported on this device."  I then tried other types of Miracast apps and they basically stated the same thing, that the device is not Miracast compatible.  And yet I was able to somehow access Miracast on the very same device, when Nougat was still loaded.  Perhaps it was under "connected devices" before?  Unfortunately, I am not sure at all.   
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    hi, @mg1440

    The Miracast was never officially supported on this device (and on the Blade Z Max). In order for a device to fully support Miracast, it needs to be certified. Since both the Blade View Max and Z Max are not officially supported, using the toggle/software to enable such feature is a hit or miss and no guarantee that it will work. With Android Oreo, I believe Google further moved away from Miracast as it is pushing for its own Chromecast. 

    Like you, I have had success to enable this hidden feature using a software toggle on non-supported device but I have yet to find one that will work on device running Oreo that lacks official support. I think if you are looking for a way to cast to your TV, you may have to invest on a chromecast. 
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    Thanks samsamha - unfortunately, your take is consistent with mine.  I won't be purchasing a Chromecast though, as I already have several media streaming devices that do 99% of what the Chromecast does, and probably better at that.  While "mirroring the screen" is a cool singular feature, to me it's not worth another $35 dongle that is tied to a single receiving device (especially when I had the same feature for free on my phone, working seamlessly with all of my receiving devices, without any pluggable hardware required).  I guess I will just give up on this, since I would rather continue with Oreo than revert back and hang on to a technology that is being deliberately phased out.  Too bad.
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