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I purchased 4 zte zfive2 phones for my grandchildren for Christmas from straighttalk.com . Not to activate and use with minutes, but for them to use as tablets to watch video and play games. We have owned several zte phones and I have always been a happy customer. I read phone discription on the straighttalk.com and thought wow, hold up to 32gb sd. Perfect! The children opened their phones and were ready to go. But I did not purchase their sd cards until couple weeks ago to find out that this phone is worthless. Apps cannot be stored on sd?!? What is the purpose of a smart phone that you cannot download apps to because there isn't enough space and you are blocked from storing apps on sd card......straight talk and zte misrepresented these phones advertising that it holds up to 32gb sd. Woooo! I was robbed of 14.99 per phone (×4) plus shipping; and 11.00 per sd card (×4)....and four very let down children. No one has been able to help me, no where to complain to zte either. My entire family has been with straight talk since they began and I have been a zte customer as well for last 4 years. Highly upset and I want to know who is responsible for failure to mention in this phone discription that these phones are worthless and so is you sd cards? I will be searching for a new phone service and I think straight talk and zte should be sued!


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    You can store photos, media, documents, and other things on the SD card.  They didn't mislead you.  I recently had a Sony Xperia Phone, and in their latest software, they too didn't' allow apps to be moved to the SD card.

    This is becoming the norm with a lot of Android phones.  People were using cheap slow access SD cards in their phones, moving the apps over to them, and when they run slow and force close, they were blaming the OEM.  Keeping all the apps on the faster OEM built in storage prevents this issue.

    Understand your frustration, but you can still use the SD card to store a lot of different kind of files, just not apps.

    Even my Nokia Android One phone (stock Android) doesn't allow you to move apps to the SD card.  That is a thing of the past with most all major OEMs and Android forks out there.  

    If you are techy enough, you may be able to flash a custom ROM to do what you want to do.
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