Sd card formating, internal or portable?

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So since my phone can hook up directly to my laptop, would my laptop still be considered an ''other" device? I love the fact that I can save apps & photos on the SD card, but I regularly save my pics on to a different memory card thru my computer, would I still be able to do that if I formatted it internal? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanx for your time😉

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    @traci7668when you use an SD card as internal storage, Android formats the SD card in such a way that no other device can read it. Android also expects the adopted SD card to always be present, and won’t work quite right if you remove it.

    If you absolutely need to use the SD card as internal storage for apps, it may be best to use a service like Google Photos to back up all photos so you don't run into a instance where you wont be able to have the SD card read on your laptop.

    You could also have photos saved directly to the device if there is available space but you will most likely have to unload them on to you laptop via USB more frequently.


  • traci7668traci7668 United StatesPosts: 3 ✭✭
    Thank you, I kinda knew that but just needed to double check, thanx for your time & have a great day😉
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