I use Google chrome as my browser for my Hotmail/Outlook email account

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Well do remember with Google started there bull having https security  I never could find how to use on my ZTE grand x4 z956 that's all I have no computer or laptop I don't even have Wi-Fi all I have I CRICKETS DATA NETWORK ,WELL I F I try to open any emails in the URL address ( instead of a green padlock I get a circle a ! In the middle of it and when I check what it I get UNSECURE CONNECTION HOW do I get this fixed so I will have https security on hotmail and chrome browser
Please can anybody help me?
Sonya V


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    Are you still having this problem.? I can help a little. If so, please answer the following:

    • what is the exact error?(Screenshot would be perfect).

    • What is the current version of Chrome that you are using?

    • Why (if I may ask) don't you use the email app or the Gmail app or the Outlook app?

    • If you have a laptop, tablet, or a computer, I can also help you connect your cell phone to your other devices so you can get internet on them.

    Please let me know if you don't know how to do any of this and I will talk you thru it. We will fix it together.


    (Personal Information Removed) -@sshasan

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