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My phone was working perfectly fine the night before and then randomly wouldn't hold a charge, it kept charging on and off I even tried different chargers. And then it wouldn't charge at all. A few hours later it started charging fine with a different charger and the battery even lasted a lot longer than usual. The next time i tried to charge it, it wouldn't charge at all and still won't! Is the battery completely gone or is it a issue that can be fixed?


  • sshasansshasan Staff Member United States Posts: 3,959 admin
    @selisabeth a few things you can try:

    -Make sure there is no debris in the charging port. Use a can of compressed air to blow out any debris that might be in the port.
    - Wipe the partition cache
    -If all else fails, a factory reset is your last option. Make sure to back up your device and make sure you remember your gmail username and password if you can just in case you encounter googles factory reset protection. 

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