This years MWC in Barcelona Spain?

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@sshasan @Aerospaceman or anybody else who might know, any news regarding a Event or an Announcement from ZTE at this years Mobile World Congress in Spain later this month especially for the USA? I am not asking anybody to reveal anything ahead of time, I am just asking if ZTE is having a booth there and if anybody knows if they plan to hold a press conference or some kind of event us USA forum members should watch out for. Even if we can't see it live. I am not asking for possible announcements. Who doesn't like surprises. LOL. I am more asking since I could not find any information if ZTE plans to have a event to announce anything that we should watch out for and the dated and time. I see Huawei and Honor have seperate announcements, LG will have theirs. Xiaomi is having one, Motorola already announced their phjones, and Samsung is beating the crowd with a announcement before MWC this year in California on the 20th of this month. I am sure other phone makers like Asus among others, will at least have a booth and I know even 1+ is having a closed door press event for some kind of an announcement. I know HMD (Nokia) is having a press event too as well as Sony and other phone makers, allot we won't even see in the USA or outside of maybe Asia/India. So back to my original question. I sent it to the two main moderator names because they would know more than most, but if anybody knows, is ZTE planning to have a Booth, event, or a combo thereof at MWC this year and if so, if you can just say a yes or no that there will be new stuff shown, or at least say if there is an event what date and time the event will be so that after it is over we can see what ZTE announced if anything. Even if it is nothing new for the USA or at least no high end stuff like a new Axon for the USA, etc. Thanks,


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    @rasalon - Take a look at ZTE Corporations Facebook Page:

    5G seems to be the topic of discussion.
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    Hello saw this on PCMAG. The link is just an image. But again the rumor mill (and I hate those) but besides as @sshasan said 5G seams to be a focus. The picture is in English. From what "They gather" There will be a new 5G Axon Phone or prototype, but that will be possibly for the home country Chinese Market only whenever 5G comes alive on whatever carriers they have there. But they may unveil a regular non 5G new high end Axon Phone for everywhere else Axon phones are sold, and unlike late last year's Axon 9 Pro, which didn't make it to North America, specifically the US, there may be finally announce a A7/A7 mini Successor. Again I am not asking for, nor ZTE or anybody here has said anything official. All I know is the coverage on Mobile World Congress is awesome, and if they do announce a new Axon or other Flag Ship A7/ A7 Mini replacement for the USA and possibly the rest of North America, once that has been confirmed if that is the case. Then the Mods here will post something. If ZTE just does the 5G (Axon) thing whether it be a prototype or an actual model with a release date at some point for Asian Market and possibly others, then cool, Right now in the US, only the 4 major carriers have 5G, So if that phone were to come to the US, which is possible but would be hard, they would have to sell it through a carrier vs. unlocked and who knows if ZTE after the lifted Ban, Retribution Payments and US Government distrust, if they have the trust of any carriers who will be willing to sell and market their 5G phone. At least in 2019. But you never know. ZTE doesn't say anything until it happens, and being in the US not as big a name on the flagship as some other phone companies, unlike Samsung, Apple, 1+, and LG as examples, you may hear rumors but no leaks. But if something is announced, ZTE is right on it, and if it is something for the North American Market being a US forum, we will know about it.

    So I say wait and see what happens. If Nothing is announced for North America or just prototypes shown, so be it,

    Other things besides 5G that are phone trends we'll see (no idea if any of them will make it to any ZTE phones), but under the screen Fingerprint Sensors. Sonic with the new Qualcomm 855 (like on the new Samsung Galaxy phones), vs the not as good Optical in previous phones, Wireless Charging. I believe the non US A9 Pro had that feature but don't quote me. Smaller Notches like a tear drop notch or no notch at all whether it be a slide out mechanism of some kind for the front facing camera or a cutout in the screen like Samsung did with their new Galaxy line.

    Last trend is foldable. Now there have been foldable phones in the past. ZTE had the Axon M. But as good as it was (maybe the design was limited to the technology of the time), tech has gotten better with more flexible and seamless displays Ala the Royal Flex Pai phone and the Samsung Galaxy Fold, among others, you will see better foldable prototypes and phones. Nubia which has nothing to do with ZTE just like 1 plus has nothing to do with OPPO has a teaser of a flexible display device at MWC 2019. So we'll see. Also Gaming specific phones have been popular. These are the same Flagships as non gaming phones but have special cooling systems and buttons and possibly screens, refresh rates, and software, to aid in gaming vs. the same non gaming phones with the same internal specs that could play the same games. Point is with all this extra features, besides supposedly the ability for the phone to not get as hot vs. a non gaming phone when playing the more demanding mobile games, also has gaming buttons as software to enhance gaming. But non gaming phones can play games just as well. I know the Nubia Red Magic Mars (Nubia's 2nd gaming phone) is only making headway because it looks like it will be sold unlocked in the USA which would also make the 1st Nubia Phone period for the US market. Which for any phone maker and reviewer, that is a big deal.

    As far as the rest of cell phone trends, that depends on the phone manufacture what they want to add or keep like a old school 3.5" headphone jack lets say.

    So here is the link to the ZTE poster from PC Mag and underneath the link to the original article they have on what could be at MWC in general rumor wise.underneath. Reviewers/Media/Bloggers/ Phone Manufactures are already there but MWC 2019 officially starts in Barcelona Spain as usual Tomorrow 2/25 - Thursday 2/28. ZTE announcement is tomorrow 2/25 10:30 CET. I know I'll possibly be working, but I'll be watching and reading and if anything makes it to the US from ZTE, Axon, another flagship, or a non flagship device that is new, I am sure you will here it in this forum from somebody.

    Notice in the picture, it notes New Axon device and New 5G Flagship separately? Hmmmmmm.

    Here is the link to the whole MWC article from PCMAG with Comments. The ZTE stuff is towards the end of the article. Same picture but with PCMAG comments.

    Thanks for reading. Here is to hoping........

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