This years MWC in Barcelona Spain?

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@sshasan @Aerospaceman or anybody else who might know, any news regarding a Event or an Announcement from ZTE at this years Mobile World Congress in Spain later this month especially for the USA? I am not asking anybody to reveal anything ahead of time, I am just asking if ZTE is having a booth there and if anybody knows if they plan to hold a press conference or some kind of event us USA forum members should watch out for. Even if we can't see it live. I am not asking for possible announcements. Who doesn't like surprises. LOL. I am more asking since I could not find any information if ZTE plans to have a event to announce anything that we should watch out for and the dated and time. I see Huawei and Honor have seperate announcements, LG will have theirs. Xiaomi is having one, Motorola already announced their phjones, and Samsung is beating the crowd with a announcement before MWC this year in California on the 20th of this month. I am sure other phone makers like Asus among others, will at least have a booth and I know even 1+ is having a closed door press event for some kind of an announcement. I know HMD (Nokia) is having a press event too as well as Sony and other phone makers, allot we won't even see in the USA or outside of maybe Asia/India. So back to my original question. I sent it to the two main moderator names because they would know more than most, but if anybody knows, is ZTE planning to have a Booth, event, or a combo thereof at MWC this year and if so, if you can just say a yes or no that there will be new stuff shown, or at least say if there is an event what date and time the event will be so that after it is over we can see what ZTE announced if anything. Even if it is nothing new for the USA or at least no high end stuff like a new Axon for the USA, etc. Thanks,


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