Root the ZTE Blade Z Max /Z982 with locked/unaccessible Bootloader and Install TWRP.100% With proofs

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First, thanks to xxMoon for opening the thread and I believe Deadman for buying and publishing the Latest firmware and I won't forget everybody else that supported the thread from the beginning to the end. I WILL HAVE THE LINK TO THE THREAD AT THE END OF THIS DISCUSSION. I'm not responsible if you hard brick your phone, soft brick shouldn't be a big deal and I might be able to help you with that

Now lets get down to business.


1. Patient

2. Phone/Z982 (Duh)

3. Computer

4. The edl tool : They need to be extracted (Very Important)

5. Patch boot :

6. Patch Recovery : (Optional)

7. At least a 30% of battery juice just in case anything goes wrong and A Maxium of 15 min of your time.

Let's get down to work (backup up important files because will you need to factory reset data)

I summarized the thread from the link down below. It's (11 Pages if you like to know what we did, also it transferred from paid to unpaid method you will understand later)

1. Extracted the edl tool and place it where you want to run the tool (We will need a connection from the phone so enable developer option and the usb debugging and don't forget to connect to the pc and check the box and allow the pc to access the phone if the box doesn't appear keep unplugging he phone and plugging it back till it appears ).

2. Place the patch boot to for me is C:\Zte_Blade_Z_Max_edl\flash\boot and place the boot file there, same with recovery file flash\recovery (it's opitional I personally don't like it because it have a lot of problems but still I thank the people that help this become possible).

3. Open the bat As Administrator and press y then I believe 2 for flash then and then the number beside the boot for boot flash and the number beside recovery for recovery flash (your phone have to be in the edl mode the program put it automatically if the phone is accessible by pc or you can use the adb reboot edl if you have adb but I recommend the program because if your run the phone in edl mode for so long it makes the program to have an error in that case you will have to reboot your phone to edl again and close the bat and open it again).

4. Don't worry about the "the syntax in the command is incorrect" a long as there is a big success text your are good to go. Then, boot to recovery by pressing Vol+ and power when the device is booting as soon as the zte logo appear release the power but continue to hold the vol + button and form a factory reset, if you install TWRP recovery then modify the system go to wipe and press format data (DONT SWIPE THE FACTORY RESET, IT GIVES ME FAILED) after that boot to system and your device should be in the setup. Go through it and we will need to update magisk (DONT DIRECTLY INSTALL , YES IT WILL BOOT LOOP THE DEVICE) so follow the instructions in step 5.

5. First, download Flashify from play store then download this boot file : I'm downloading the firmware so I can patch the he boot image. Give Flashify root permission if the box doesn't pop up wait for about 15 sec then go to magisk manager and swipe right from the left and click superuser and check the button for Flashify if the Flashify doesn't appear clear all and go to Flashify if the box appear repeat. Open Flashify click boot image browse the patch boot image by me and press yup and reboot your phone (you won't need a factory reset) , go back to magisk manager and check if the latest magisk is installed. Done and enjoy.

Link to the official thread:


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    YOO FINALLY their is a root for the blade z max THANK YOU VERY MUCH GOOD SIR the best news i have heard all day. I know rooting this phone will bring it to its full potential. The thing is i want to root but i really dont know how, not to be demanding but could you please make a video detailing step by step on the process. also Thank you to all those individuals who were able to final root this phone after 1 year and 7 months of release. your efforts wont go in vain.

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    Sorry i took a long time to answer i dont get notification in my Email or a normal notification thats why. If u still didnt root just hit me up at [email protected]

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    Hey there,

    So I kind of screwed up a bit. I flashed the boot, but not the recovery. After a factory reset, I can't seem to put my phone back into edl mode for a recovery flash. I tried letting the tool do it automatically, but it fails, and manually with adb reboot edl, however it gives me an unauthorized device error. USB debugging and OEM unlocking are enabled. I tried just continuing to step 5, but I'm not sure what "this" boot image is, where can I find it? Btw, the Magisk app has been consistently asking for an upgrade, but I have refrained in case of a boot loop. Any suggestions?

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    All good now (((: U rock!!

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    hey i did everything to a t but magisk asked for a update which i did and now im stuck in bootloop any help

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    edited June 20, 2019 12:40AM

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    I just became interested in rooting my ZTE Max Blade due to my power button is no longer functioning. I have not let the battery die. I downloaded volume power app that does not require root but don't trust it. I have lost of other simple features as just turning on the screen by hitting volume up. I have read the steps to root and didn't read it requires using the power button by retaring phone during process to root.

    Am I correct?

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    A reminder to everyone, rooting is dangerous. I personally advise against it unless you really know what you're doing. Safe adventures friends

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    hi could you update the links to the google drive files please so i can root my z982

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