Axon Mini Issue: I power down but boots back up again.

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I picked up a used Axon Mini from eBay and it arrived with 3% battery juice left in it. Fast Charger gave me a RED LED Notification Light for about a few minutes. LED switched to BLUE for the remaining 2 hours before turning GREEN and the Mini was 100% charged. Unplugged the charger cable and I expected the GREEN LED to turn off. However, the GREEN LED remained on. (I even went to Settings, Display, LED Notifications, and turned OFF all notifications without success.) Green LED never turned off until the Mini powers up. I wait a full day from 100% Full Charge and power up to find somewhere around 60% power is left, thinking I used 40% with the use of the GREEN LED remaining on during the full 24 hours. I can power off the Mini but it turns back on right away. The only way to leave the Mini off, is to plug in the charger right after the Mini vibrates OFF, then the ZTE Logo appears and then a green battery Icon shows charging status along with a BLUE LED Notification light (which turns GREEN on 100% charge afterwards). I am tempted to replace the battery along with the charger port to see if this may remedy the issue. I have B14 firmware from OTA Update. The symptoms were present during both BEFORE and AFTER the B14 Update. Factory wipe and reset doesn't remedy issue either. I will check for moisture (if there is a little RED DOT on the paper inside) during the battery and charger port replacement. Has anyone else experienced this issue relating to the Green LED staying ON and Phone not willing to remain shut down?

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I knew the Mini has plastic grills and if not careful, can shatter the digitizer "frame" (adhesive is super strong until cooked) but, I did replace the Charger Board and Battery with no positive results. The Motherboard was replaced afterwards with a "used" one and that corrected the problem. Auto OTA updated to B14 firmware nearly right away. If anyone else attempts this (after warranty period is up) be sure you are not buying a motherboard with the Google ID Protection activated - that's where there was a GMAIL account placed on the device and NOT removed afterwards. FRP kicks in.


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    could be a damaged component during harge port change.

    solderig shorted somewhere.

    retu4n to seller if you bought it from ebay depends on the advertized condition.

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