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    For 2 + weeks I have been trying to get a battery replacement for my axon 7 mini. No one in Houston TX will touch it, but some sell the battery. Finally I wrote to ZTE. They put me through the wringer questioning me about where I bought it, model, etc. They did not answer my question; only asked theirs. They did this twice. Finally they said that if I send them a fee, $35 Canadian, they will send me some information about where to send the phone and an RMI, whatever that is, all within 48 hours. That was about 4 days ago. This abysmal service may dissuade me from buying another ZTE phone, and I like the phone.

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    Adding in @zte_usa for assistance.

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    Hi, @winta ! I know that you have been questioned up and down about the Axon 7 mini. I just need to clarify a couple of things. Where did you buy the Axon 7 mini, was it in Canada or in Houston, TX?

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