Pushing 3 years and still going strong and sound is great. .

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My Axon 7 is coming up on 3 years old and the only issue I've had is replacing the battery (which is a given). Batteries only last so long. This phone is still a beast and will remain my daily driver until something better comes along or it just dies. I'm disappointed that these new phones have turned away from the front facing speakers. I'm not sure if I want a bottom firing speaker after having great sound quality for almost 3 years. The only phones still using front facing speakers is gaming phones (Razor Phone and Asus ROG phone). But for now I'm still very pleased with my Axon 7.


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    I'm also still using my Axon 7. Still meets my needs and works great.

    I do need to replace the battery though, as my SOT has gotten pretty short,

    but quite honestly, I don't spend an excessive amount of time on it when I'm not home,

    and can always do a quick bump in the car or with an extra battery pack.

    I've looked at getting a new phone to replace it, but I always end up sticking with the Axon 7 since it is still such an awesome device. ZTE did quite well with it, and I do wish they would release another flagship device in the USA soon.

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    This phone never ceases to amaze. The sound is spectacular. Since the 8.0 update the camera has taken a leap. This is a 50% reduction in quality of a portion of a photograph taken in RAW and then developed.

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    I'd make this my daily driver still if they had the latest security updates loaded and the weak 8.0 hadn't broken a few apps I use. It's a shame they abandoned it. It's just not safe enough to use now so it's sitting in a drawer now.

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    There are a couple of solutions out there to keep it ticking to the latest tune. If yours is in a drawer, I would try this

    I have installed Mokee on a very old ASUS as a backup phone and it is running as fast as any mid-level 2018 phone. Absolutely spectacular.

    Otherwise, the other very reliable Custom ROM is this one.

    All instructions are on the sites and not too hard to follow. You don't need to root the phone.

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    I still use my Axon 7 on occasion. It is still impressive given it is 3 years old. My battery is getting a little weak but other than that it is a great device. I wish they would release a new Axon flagship for the USA.

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