Axon 7 / No Texting. Well.. actually, no 4G/No internet

I had At&t service. But was way too expensive.. So, i switched over to Straight Talk. I have that in another cell, and does fine. But this time, I has my old number ported to the new sim. I am recieving phone calls just fine. But NO TEXT messages. And I dont thing email is working... // Upon further checking, I had to re-sign in on the wireless hot spot. then I have internet. But if I shut off the wireless, and try to use cell / 4g I get nothing... Is there something I am missing?

... Mobile data is ON.. I checked. that bit me before..


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    Update... I have a second cell phone that has Straight Talk sim in it. I can put THAT sim in slot2 of this phone, and I HAVE 4G. All works with that sim. Just not the new one. I wonder if it has anything to do with porting my phone number over to the new sim..?

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    Seems like maybe it's an issue with the port. have you try the 2nd sim in the primary slot? Have you try to test the SIM card that has issue with another phone? If that sim works fine in the primary slot, then I would suggest you to check with the carrier to make sure it is ported correctly.

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    Fixed now.... ! I had taken the sim from another cell that IS on Straight Talk, put in this phone. ALL WORKS FINE. Is just the NEW Straight Talk sim - WONT. After being on the phone with tech support 3 times for 40~45 minutes, level 1 would transfer me to level 2, and there, I had issues - (1)-Told their system is updating several times, after 15 minutes not actually talking to anyone, they hung up on me. (2)-when was tranfered, ther ewas such a squeal , I couldn't hardly understand them. Is hard enough to do with good audio. I think I hung up that time.(3) transfer didnt work, and I got hung up on... // 4th time I called.. Person stated was supervisor, after just a bit, he didnt waste my time goin over all the same things the other 3 did, and transfered me. This time, I got a human I could sorta understand. But he went thru several checks in my phone, after about 20~30 minutes, he finally decided he needed to contact ATT.. Basically, he needed them to turn on LTE/4G. That is all it was. Once they did that, I restarted the phone, and all worked...

    ... Am posting this mostly so that IF anyone else has this issue after porting the old number to the NEW sim, and NO LTE/4G - this is likely what will need to be done..

    ... All is working find now.

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