axon m no signal on any carrier in uk

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i recently bought on one of these phones from usa i looked first on google and the phone should work on EE and i think vodafone networks. it came locked on at&t network.

i got an unlock code from someone the phone opened but there is no signal...

does anyone have any ideas please...sorry but i am not very good with technology.

thanks in advance


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    The most common LTE bands in the UK are

    • 800MHz (Band 20)
    • 900MHz (Band 8)
    • 1800MHz (Band 3)
    • 2100MHz (Band 1)
    • 2600MHz (Band 7)

    The Axon M (AT&T) branded device is just not compatible with the networks even if the device is carrier unlocked. The international version of the device is the one you would need to be capable with the networks in the UK.


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    Hi thanks for your reply.

    I did not know there was ano international version..I just thought one was USA and other Chinese.

    So best trying to sell it back to someone in USA.


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