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    Who here is using the Blade 2 TLite, personally, I think it's the biggest piece of trash. Lags locks up freezes and whatever else it wants to do. Cameras are garbage. 1.1 processer lags speed. Won't take sd card. Getting msgs that there's no network.

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    What do you expect for a $20-$30 burner? I think you miss the purpose of this handset. ZTE may not like it being referred to as a burner but that's it's place in this digital world. I mean notice it's not even listed on this site. I have no issues out of it but if you're not ponying up for some data then yeah it's majorly crippled. Even 5 GB of data smoothes everything out for me. Like I said these are burners. If you're not familiar with the term Google it. I'm not spoon-feeding. Also when you have Lite in the phone model name it's a big red flag it's not a powerhouse. Use Smart Pay & get a decent phone. I have 2 phones with TW. The burner & a good Samsung. Maybe next time do a little research before pulling the trigger. Just advice, not hating. No time for that bs. Good luck & keep your storage usage to a bare minimum. Get rid of unused apps.

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    I guess it all depends on what you expect from a $30 phone. Me??? I love it. But to get the full use of it, you've got to take the time to explore all of the settings on the phone. I put an SD card in it and set it up for internal memory. Now I have 80gb of internal memory, which is more than enough to handle the 80+ apps I have installed, plus the pics, videos, and music files I have put on it. I live on the fringe of a 4G signal, but it is able to connect most of the time. Don't see an option for having the voice use 1X instead, but it is just as well since Verizon is cutting off its CDMA service at the end of the year, so it will be 4G or nothing. A few options less than the ZTE Majesty Pro Plus I was using, but I think that has more to do with the Android version since this phone is running 8.1 and the Majesty Pro was running 7.1. I don't like the USB cable connector being on the bottom... has caused some problems... my older phone had it on the side. But it is a minor issue. Overall, I'm very pleased with the phone.

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