ZTE Zpad (K90U) Interesting

XitechXitech United StatesPosts: 1

Hello I just got my ZTE Zpad today via Amazon. From the moment I turned it on it began rebooting itself on repeat, or bootlooping. I've spent most of my day toying with my new $140 toy by watching it reboot itself for a good few hours. After it finally stopped having a seizure I set it up and went to update the device. There's of course no updates to be had, which is very interesting that it had never once been updated.

So, I then went to open the Google App Store. All of my apps started to update like it would normally do - or would try to do. Every time an app tried to install and update the tablet rebooted.

I factory reset the device, I added and removed the SDcard, started in safe mode to install apps, fiddled with the settings. I did everything I could to try and troubleshoot the problem to no avail.

I'll be returning this Monday since if it's even doing it in safemode it's beyond anything I can try to do to remedy it.

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