No Headphone jack -32 bit DAC = Deal breaker

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So I have been away from here for a while, but I see that there is now the Axon 9, and 10 and they both have standard 24bit DACs and no headphone jacks. The 32 bit DAC that the axon 7 had much clearer audio quality than the standard Qualcom DAC (nothing to do with the bits, just the quality of the hardware).

I just wanted to let ZTE know that this is a deal breaker. ZTE captured part of the audio enthusiast market with audio hardware that was superior to all but one or two phones in the 7th generation. I bought the Axon 7 specifically for this.

Going away from this feature, along with loosing the headphone jack means that I will probably get an LG V series phone when my Axon 7 dies.


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    I don't believe the A9 or 10 are marketed for audio nuts like the 7 was anyway. While it was an awesome feature at the time, the sales of phones has started to cater to the more broad customer to sell more volume instead of niche customer base sadly. All these all glass front screens don't make much room for stereo speakers either, but brands have proved a majority of people don't care.

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    Well markets can be fickle, yes, but more often that not I have seen the death of brands by trying to be like everyone else, rather than have mass appeal while having their own distinct product (Myspace being a great example).

    For example if Axon could have water proofing with a head phone jack, while being cheaper than apple, people would notice.

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