The price drop now is crazy!! (U$150 @ 2019)

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I feel the price drop to this phone is crazy, just pick one up unlocked at only US$150.

In my view totally worth it. Check out my review of this phone @


(Happy Owner)


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    Hi Daniel,

    I got mine for $132.00.....great buy even at $150.00. Its a totally different animal than my Axon 7 and very unique.

    I did watch your review just now. Thanks for posting it.

    The main cons I have is the second screen is slightly warmer than the main screen. I use mine with the battery saver on and the screen brightness turned up all the way and it is less noticeable.

    The top speaker does not put out as much volume as the bottom speaker. The more bass that is added, the weaker the top speaker gets. I noticed several other people posted about this problem so I don't think I have a defective device. Still the sound is good.

    Other than that mine is working perfectly. And I verified it's unlocked by inserting my T-Mobile sim card. Soon it will be my main phone and if I don't like it I can always go back to my Axon 7. But like it or not for my daily driver I am going to keep it as like I said, it's very unique and fun to play with.

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    I have had the Axon M as my phone for several months now and I love it . It does require some adjustment at first. It's a completely different animal than a standard smartphone. It's a prototype device so it has its quirks but once you get use to using the device it's fine.

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