Can anyone tell me why the Blade Max View is over $200 more expensive than the Blade Z Max?

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My beloved ZMax Pro has finally crapped out on me and I'm looking to replace it, and according to , the specs between the View and the Blade are nearly identical. In fact, the only real difference I can see is that the View was released almost a year to the day after the Blad. I'm not understanding the reason for the huge difference in price.

Here are the specs:


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    The link for the Blade Max View in that comparison from phonearena is currently showing an Amazon listing from a 3rd-party seller. Not sure why or how anyone could be that stupid to pay that $369 for it.

    If you're interested in purchasing a ZTE Blade Max View, ZTE's own online store has it available for $149.98 at the link below.

    B&H has it available for $199 but they are including a free Mint Mobile 3-Month 8GB Sim Card Kit with it ($60 value). See link below.

    Newegg has it available only as an open-box for $135.99 if you want to save a little more money but there is a possibility that accessories originally included in the box may be missing (such as a charger and/or cable). See link below.

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    that is correct. The Blade Max View is retail for 200 and ZTE currently has promotions that brings it to 150. I think Blade Max View is a good replacement for the Z Max.

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    Wow! Thank you so much! I'm going to look into the View right away!

    If I may ask you two, however; in your opinions, what is the best sub-$200 replacement for the my Pro?

    Thanks again!

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    If you're only looking for a ZTE brand phone, then the Blade Max View is the best one currently available. I left you a detailed answer as to why I think so on your other recent post so you can take a look at my response there.

    If you're open to other brands, this article is a good starting point (see link below). Keep in mind this article is updated regularly so the phones on this list are constantly changing and also some phones on this list may not be available in the USA or may only be available through and locked to a particular carrier.

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    I will admit that the reason I'm partial to ZTE is because of how impressed I have been with my Pro and before that my ZMax. I have been, however, looking pretty closely at the Moto G7 Power as well. What do you think of it? The stipulation is that whatever phone I get must have a 6inch screen or bigger, and of course have as-good or better specs than my current Pro.

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    The Moto G7 Power isn't bad either. It's got a much better processor with the Snapdragon 632, much bigger battery at 5000 mAh, and a newer version of Android with 9.0 Pie. However, while the screen is slightly bigger at 6.2" (with a 19.5:9 ratio), it is of a lower resolution with it only being 720x1570 where as the Blade Max View has a resolution of 1080x2160 (18:9 ratio). Also the G7 Power has a pretty sizeable notch (plus, still having a "chin" at the bottom too), which is very polarizing - some people don't mind them while others can't stand the sight of them. The G7 Power is also significantly more expensive at $249.99 but the Motorola site does have it on sale now for $229.99 and Amazon has it on sale too for $224.99. Also, Amazon currently has an international version of the phone on sale for $199.99 for the marine blue color or $186.99 for the violet color (this color isn't available on the USA model either) but these are through 3rd-party sellers. The international version does give you an extra GB of Ram for 4GB and double the storage with 64GB.

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    This is a good conversation here. The Z-Community is the voice of the consumer no matter what you choose. Everyone is always welcome to speak their mind here as long as it doesn't go into the gutter!! ;)

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    I think you may have talked me into the View. I really like a very big screen to body ratio and don't want a bezel or chin if I can help it. Not to mention it is a bit cheaper.

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    There's still bezels at the top and bottom but that's to be expected at this price point. At least with there being no notch, the bezels are symmetrical (or at least almost - the bottom bezel does appear to be just a tad bigger though).

    I've never personally used the Blade Max View, but it does seem like good value for the money. Also, the ZTE online store is now giving a free TUDIA Merge case (either in Matte Black or Metallic Slate color options) for the Blade Max View. Just add the phone and whichever color case you want to your cart and when you go to checkout, the case will show as being free. That's a nice move on ZTE's part on top of a pretty good deal to begin with.

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