AXON 7 Right Nav button not working after LCD replacement.

Hey there guys! Hope some repair "geeks" can shed some light on my issue. I recently had to replace the LCD on my A7, and while doing some testing on it afterwards, I noticed the right button not working. Contacted the seller in China, who assured me all their products were fully tested before being shipped. Needless to say he wouldn't ship a replacement, rather had me order another one, with a promise of full credit upon return. The replacement unit produced exactly the same result. Either these guys are selling defective displays or, could my connector be malfunctioning? Anyone had this experience? Thanks for any insight!


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    if doing a DIY repair/ screen replacement, are you able to inspect the PCB traces leading to the connector in order to ensure that none of the traces are broken and that no vias along the signal path of the connector are corroded?

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    After checking with a magnifying glass, none of the connectors on the ribbon or the MB are broken. This was the 2nd screen they sent me that has the same issue. The seller insists their product works and telling me to check my phone. I don't buy it. There was no issues with the buttons on the broken screen. which suffered ribbon damage during a battery replacement procedure.

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    If the old broken screen has the buttons working, then I recommend recording a video of this. and be ready to upload it to youtube as an unlisted video, or google drive for sharing if needed. After that, alert the seller that the defect is with their parts and provide the video proof showing that your old broken screen has that button working but the replacement screens have those buttons as defective.

    In cases like this, you demand a refund or replacement. If refunding, buyers protection will protect both the purchase prices and all shipping charges.

    If the old display cannot be used enough to demonstrate the function of those buttons, then if a situation arises where ebay staff have to get involved, you will need to provide detailed images of the connector and traces (when photographing a PCB, then lighting where the angle of incidence of the light does not match the view angle of the lens, can bring out detail in traces and other semi-reflective surfaces, since much of their visibility comes from the shadows and highlights (a simplified way of doing this is to have the lighting come 45 degrees to the side of where the lens is pointing, and pointing down at the subject at a 30-50 degree angle (e.g.. In such a secondary case, the goal will be to show that the main PCB is not damaged, to back up a statement of the the old display and buttons working.


    Aside from that, the best way to tell if the original connector is working, is to test it. Since the contacts can by tiny, most standard multimter probes may not be able to isolate a single contact, thus testing each individual pin can be difficult. In the vast majority of cases, if the solder joints for the connector is good and there is no corrosion or visible damage to the pins n the connector, then it should work since they are very simple surface mount connectors.

    Furthermore, in some cases, if the digitizer contacts in the ribbon cable are still good, then it is possible to run the old display partially, or if they opted to run all digitizer communication through the secondary smaller ribbon cable (first tiny ribbon cable from the top of the device) it could be possible to connect the small ribbon from the old broken display and the main display cable from the new display to do AB testing and show that the issue is with the digitizer on the new display.

    Most sellers will not be difficult in cases of a genuine defect with their product, it is best to have all of your options just in case.

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