Axon 7U stuck in Fastboot

Going out on a limb here, in case anyone has done it too, but was trying to flash TWRP on Stock Oreo, already had an unlocked bootloader, but I needed Fastboot, so I flashed a Fastboot enabler using the Axon7RootToolv5, though xiaomiflash, and now it only boots to Fastboot, mode. Can't get passed it. Tried flashing TWRP, which worked, but could not get past the password, so could not do much. Flashed the stock recovery back on it, and boot file, but did not help. Eventually, it no longer is recognized by ADB command prompt, or in EDL using xiaomiflash, yet my other phones still work, so not sure what to do. Won't let me update from the SD card either. Can’t even get into the menu? Pretty much searched everywhere, and have not seen a solution that fixes this?


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    Well sorry to say this but, you'll be loosing everything in internal storage....

    If you want to recover from that issue follow this :

    NOTE: Move/Copy full stock update zip or desire custom rom to the SDCARD , DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.

    1. reflash TWRP in fastboot mode.

    2. Once in the password screen

    3. Tap Wipe and perform a Format Data (this will clear any boot issues but still need to reinstall full stock oreo or custom rom)

    4. reboot back to TWRP (optional but I prefer just rebooting back after Format Data)

    5. Tap install and flash stock room or custom rom.

    NOTE : if you flash the stock room and want to keep TWRP you must reflash TWRP within TWRP after flashing the stock room or you'll lose it.

    beside all that , Haven't done any custom stuff and if you encounter any more custom rom or tweaks (e.g. TWRP custom ROMs , etc,etc) I suggest you to check XDA instead.

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    Thank you, and already did a wipe at some point thinking that may help, so I know I lost all my stuff. Sucks, but my fault. I'll have to try that, but first need to figure out why I can no longer see access it through ADB. Was working, but after I flashed the stock recovery image, and boot image, through ADB, in attempt to fix the boot issue, I can no longer find the device in the command prompt. Might try uninstalling drivers and see if that helps. The computer still makes the connection and disconnection sound, but just won't show up in ADB. EDL mode does the same thing, but again, nothing on the computer can find it, like it did before. Spent half a day trying stuff, and had to give up, and just ordered a new phone, but still want to get this working again.

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    Try that , uninstalling the drivers (make sure to check the box of completely delete drivers) then connect the device while you have "DEVICE MANAGER" open.

    That way you'll know if Windows is detecting the device and isn't the phone giving you issues of been detected., Same goes with EDL mode,

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