Is there connector/pins for external antenna?

Please help find info about Axon 7 motherboard chema, pinouts, etc. I want to experiment with increase signal of GPS/WWAN (looks like it upper right one, not big enough as i think). GPS signal I have not good, as another wireless interfaces too.


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    The motherboard has a number of u.fl-like connectors that are designed for factory testing of the RF front end, and those connectors can likely be connected to an external antenna via coax, though that will be very difficult to do since the style of connector used does not have the ridge for a coax cable to snap onto, thus using external antennas will likely require those connectors to be removed and replaced with standard u.fl connectors if there is enough space, and then holes made in the case to allow external connections, and threading to be added to the aluminum case of the device ti allow a custom machined threaded insert strain relief to be acces to prevent damage to the PCB if a length of coax will be hanging from the device.

    If in an area where coverage is a huge issue, you will likely need full wave high gain antennas, or if needed, even yagi antennas to get an extremely distant tower.

    PS, for GPS, those antennas are harder to work with externally since those antennas often need active circuitry, and due to the omnidirectional nature of those antennas, it is hard to get a good gain on those antennas. The most that can really be done with them, is to go with a full wavelength antenna and have as little material between the antenna and the outside world as possible.

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