Z981 and SanDisk micro SD card issue

moakley1970moakley1970 United StatesPosts: 1

OK I know this phone has an issue as I have put 3 brand new SanDisk micro SD cards in my phone and each of them says it is not recognized or is corrupt. There is no option to format as it will not read any of them. This issue started with my original SanDisk card. It has a lot of pictures and game storage on it. One day it just didn't work anymore and it says its corrupt. I put it in other devices and it reads perfectly so the issue has to be with the phone itself. It has not been dropped or damaged in any way, it just will not read micro SD cards anymore. Why?? I am not the only person with this issue but I have never seen a fix for it. I bought the phone from a second hand person through EBay and it worked perfectly until one day it just stopped reading the cards. Please tell me how to fix this.

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