Battery/Charging Port Issues

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So I know this is a bit of a long shot since support for this phone is so poor, but I was hoping to see if anyone has had experience replacing the battery or charging port themselves and maybe advise if that's what I need to do in the first place.

On update 22 which seems to be part of the issue, but the battery is unable to last half a day without dying. This is after a factory reset and most apps have been cleared except for basic functionality. Add on top if it, it has been difficult to even get the phone to start charging. Requires plugging in, sound triggers that it's charging but no charging indicator turns on and percentage doesn't go up. Adjust with different pressure a few times, sometimes indicator turns on to turn back off soon after. Eventually able to get it charging though.

So questions: Would I need to replace the battery and port? One or the other? Any pointers to how I go about doing this? Also, is it possible to downgrade from build 22?


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    hi, from my experience if you charge the phone to 100% and then it died quickly thereafter, this usually meant battery issue. However, if you are having trouble charging it or that you have to adjust the charging cable (or inserted the cable to the port multiple time) a bit in order to initiate charging, then it most likely is the charging port issue. Battery should be easier to replace and I found a clip online that maybe helpful. Charging port, on the other hand, often is a bit more work (assuming it is not solder onto the board). You may need to do a bit of searching online if that is something you can replace yourself.

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    I've had cables that were bad that acted like that when plugging it in, so make sure that you try a new or good working cable before you declare the port broken.

    It does sound like the battery needs replaced though.

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    since update 22 ruined wifi, just keep your wifi turned off when not using the phone. and the phone will stay charged for days, having wifi on makes battery discharge like 5% an hour or more while idle. now days i mostly just run off data if i can, since they killed the wifi on the phone by making it a battery drain

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