Auto Focus is broken?

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I replaced the fan in the device as the old one was rattling and the battery actually overheated and expanded enough to pop the bottom corner out. Everything was still working at this point. I disassembled and removed the Battery and testing showed everything still working. I wanted to replace the fan so the bulb wouldn't fry the innards. after waiting a few weeks for the fan and reinstalling and putting the whole thing back together it works great!!! EXCEPT...…..the auto focus isn't working. I'm going to disassemble and double check that the sensor is physically connected properly and the the glass is clean, but on the software side I was hoping for some tips. Things I've tried:

turning lamp on and off MANY times to get it to auto focus.

Manually focusing in the menu. Only gives a small amount of adjustment.

reset to factory settings.

checking focus at many different distances. it seems to be able to focus if the "screen" is 1-3 feet away

Made sure I've got latest update

If rechecking the connectors doesn't work I might have the thickest android tablet ever made.

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