ZTE Axon 10 Pro - Hands On & First Impressions!

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    Excellent hands on Kevin! Does anybody know if the X55 modem in this device will provide 5G on T-Mobiles 600Mhz network?

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    @hollap This is the 4G LTE variant.

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    Nice review Kevin. It's great to finally see a the new Axon 10 pro!

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    Ahhh i see that now. I don't suppose you know if 5G variant is coming to the US?

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    @hollap Most likely on future generations of Axon.

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    Thanks for the hands on/first impressions video @kevinbreeze. I like that you showed off the in-screen fingerprint sensor. I like how it can be unlocked even while the screen is off, similar to a capacitive one. Does anyone know if this is unique to the Axon 10? Also, does anyone know if it is an optical or an ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint sensor in the Axon 10?

    I don't have any real-life experience with any type of in-screen fingerprint scanners yet but from what I've seen in videos of other phones with in-screen fingerprint sensors (like the OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 7 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10 family, Samsung Note 10 family, etc.), the phone would always be woken up first by pressing the power button and then the in-screen fingerprint scanner would be used to unlock the phone.

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    @toyguy22 , yes, you do have to wake the screen up before you can unlock the phone with the FP sensor. The Axon 10 Pro has 2 features would help to wake the phone up: always on display and raise to wake. When both features are enabled, phone pretty much is always ready for me to place my finger on the sensor to unlock the phone.

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    @louisd Thanks. I was assuming it was an optical one but wanted confirmation.

    @samsamha Thanks for the information. That's great to hear that there are always on display and raise to wake features included to enable the phone to be ready at any given time to accept a fingerprint reading. However, looking at @kevinbreeze video at the 8:04/8:05 mark, his screen appears completely dark, unless my eyes are deceiving me or I'm missing something. There was a little bit of glare covering about a 1/4 of the screen from an overhead light source but you could still tell the screen was all black and asleep before he touches the fingerprint sensor area.

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    We have received confirmation that the In Screen Fingerprint Sensor is in fact "Optical" the spec sheet we received was incorrect and I will update it now.

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    @toyguy22 , On the phone, there is an option called "Show Fingerprint icon" where it will show fingerprint icon on lock screen (which activates FP scanner as well) whenever you lift the phone up. I think this feature was turned on in the video (the icon is hard to see as it is probably covered by the finger). Because of this, you don't need to press the power button to turn the screen on first and then unlock with the phone as the FP scanner will be activated and ready to scan your finger the moment you lift it up.

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    I'll have to take your word for it @samsamha. I watched the video again and @kevinbreeze showed him using the in-screen fingerprint sensor also at the 3:42-3:45 mark and again at the 3:57-4:00 mark. Including the 8:04-8:05 mark, all three instances that he showed off the in-screen fingerprint sensor, his finger was not obstructing the screen initially until he went to touch the sensor so you get a pretty good look at it. The screen looked completely black each time and could not see any icon where the sensor area is located nor anywhere on the screen for that matter. I've watch the three parts using 0.25 playback speed with my computer monitor's brightness at different levels and each time it still looks the same.

    I went to watch other videos on YouTube about the Axon 10, and so far from what I've seen @kevinbreeze is the only one showing off the in-screen fingerprint sensor in this manner. The other ones I've seen all show the screen being woken up first by pressing the power button and then the in-screen fingerprint reader being used from the lock-screen.

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    WOW what a beast spec wise...

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    @toyguy22 You are correct that the screen is black and the print scanner seems to just appear. It took me a bit to get use to that as it feels almost magical...lol. It is my first time with an in display optical scanner, but I do love it. I was sure nothing would capture me quite like the Axon7, however the Axon10 Pro has stolen my heart. It is beautiful, fast and fun.

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    @toyguy22 So after a bunch of experimenting it works as shown in the video. The slightest of movement to the phone causes the fingerprint scanner to activate, no need to press the power button. Even with it lying flat on my desk, just the slight bump of me touching for the fingerprint scanner causes it to activate and work. It's pretty fantastic.

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    Good Informative Phone Review. I was Waiting for a while for this Phone Already Pre-ordered. Thanks Again for the Video.

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    Glad you all liked the review and found it to be helpful.

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