ZTE Axon 10 Pro Unboxing & First Impressions | Flagship Killer?


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    Thanks for the unboxing/first impressions video @techright. Just like you, my favorite ZTE phone of all time is the ZTE Axon 7. I'm still using the Axon 7 (A2017U) as my daily driver with it's original battery now almost three years later (originally purchased at the end of August 2016 and started using it in September of 2016).

    I have to disagree with you though about whether if it looks outdated. In terms of physical appearance, I do feel the Axon 10 does look a little outdated for a flagship phone being released now in the last third of 2019 with direct competitors like the OnePlus 7 Pro and the Asus Zenfone 6 offering a full-screen and notch-free experience.

    In terms of the hardware, I'm going to have to disagree with you as well on if it's outdated. I feel it's a bit outdated with a 1080p display considering most flagship phones offer a 1440p display and have been doing so for the past 4-5 years. Plus, the past two direct predecessors from 3 and 4 years ago, the Axon 7 (from 2016) and Axon Pro (from 2015), had a 1440p display so I see no reason to be going backwards. In addition, upcoming fall 2019 flagship devices (like the OnePlus 7T Pro, Google Pixel 4, etc.) will most likely be using the slightly newer SnapDragon 855+ processor.

    In terms of software, I noticed the Axon 10 has on-screen navigational buttons whereas many flagship and mid-range phones in 2019 are now offering the ability to use gesture-based navigation as an option. Does anyone know if the Axon 10 has a setting to enable gesture-based navigation?

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    I also have the Axon 7, but with custom rom and still use it time to time,

    I honestly don't think the A10PRO is outdated hardware, even Galaxy S line and even the new Note 10 series have a sort of Notch like front camera. (Been honest prefer notch instead of what Samsung front camera implementation uses).

    Screen wise a lot of new high-end devices have 1080p+ / FHD+ (not 1080p) same as A10Pro, and if I'm honest 1080p+ is good enough for a smartphone phone, I own the OP 7 pro and I have my screen resolution setup as 1080P+/FHD+. Also the SD855 have enough power for every day use and still a dated SoC , the SD855+ is just an overclock SoC with not much of a difference compare to SD855.

    THE ZTE Axon 10 Pro features 3 differents Navigation control Including the Full Gestures which I love and use with any device with Android Pie.

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    The front camera to me is useless as I never use it anyways so I would prefer to have a phone with a notch-less display and some sort of workaround for the selfie-shooter, like a pop-up camera, flip-up camera, a 2nd screen on the back, or even a small bezel is fine with me. In fact, a small bezel is probably what I would want the most because then the phone could also include a LED notification light, which to me is very useful. I frequently keep my phone on the lowest sound settings (and certain alerts from specific apps I only allow to vibrate) and may sometimes not notice I received an alert so having the LED notification light is very helpful in getting my attention and indicating what type of alert I received based on the color of the light.

    A 1080P/FHD screen is definitely more than adequate for a small screen on a smartphone, especially since most content is in 1080p anyways. Also, battery-life should be slightly better with a 1080p panel. However, for those who like to use VR, having a 1440p display makes a big difference when the screen is that close to your eyes. And like you said with the OnePlus 7 Pro that you're using and switched the display to show 1080p instead, it's nice to have the option of switching to 1440p when you need it and using 1080p for normal operations.

    I'm aware that the SD855+ is just an overclocked SD855. The SD855 is still one of the top mobile processors currently available and you probably won't see much of a difference in real-world everyday use outside of benchmarks. The SD855 and SD855+ scenario is basically similar to what happened in 2016 with the SD820 and SD821. The Axon 7 came with the SD820 and then a couple months later, phones with the SD821 became available. And here I am using an Axon 7 daily which has the SD820 so the SD855 should be adequate too for many years ahead.

    That's good to hear that the Axon 10 has full gesture-based navigation. My concern with on-screen navigation buttons, is that burn-in of the OLED screen may occur down the road. I noticed that if you are using the on-screen navigation buttons though, there's an extra slightly smaller button on the far left that looks like an arrow pointing downwards. Can someone explain what that arrow facing down button does?

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    The "Arrow" facing down when using on-screen navigation keys, is to "Hide" the Nav. Keys when you don't need them.

    By Swiping Up from the bottom from the screen (like full gestures) , Will bring back the on-screen navigation keys.

    You can also disabled it under Navigation System settings.

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