ZTE Axon 10 Pro VS ZTE Axon 7 | New School or Old School

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    Thanks for the comparison of the ZTE Axon 7 vs Axon 10 @mrjlwilliams. I'm with you in that I would love to see an updated/upgraded Axon 7 design with the latest Snapdragon processor, increased RAM and storage, triple or quad camera setup, proper LTE bands supported, Bluetooth 5.0, wireless charging, etc. while still keeping the flat 1440p screen, dual front facing speakers, and rear fingerprint sensor. Obviously, it's never going to happen but a man can dream. I love the design and look of the Axon 7 and how unique it looks compared to all the other phones in the US.

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    The axon 7 looks good and performs decently. An upgraded version would be cool. Good audio speakers and dac with thr upgraded ram and processor... I'd definitely consider that...

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    so quick question because I saw your post about the zmax blade pro so does that mean we will never get any updates for it through zte again because if so I must say I think I made a terrible investment then because had I have known that I probably wouldn't have bought the phone to begin all we want is the latest update but apparently can't get it which makes no sense

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    ZTE claims they'll provide Android 10 before the end of the year and will provide updates for "at least" 2 years. I'm hoping its better update coverage thant hey had on the axon 7 too

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    I hope so cuz I'm 3 updates behind lol but I don't know how they do there update numbers so I could be wrong on n that lol I'm asking about the Zte blade zmax pro

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    Great reviews totally on board with your reviews my axpn7 is my jam phone! Pro 10 12g/256 is really awesome too though!

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    this is a forum for axon 10 pro. check the other forum for that device.

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    with screen off and wifi and data off on my axon 7 the battery lasted like a week... i wish i could keep my axon 7 going.. def keeping it as a bcak up.. didnt delete anything BUT using axon 10 and some thigns i think need to be fixed. (why are the speakers so lop sided?)

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    Yep. I believe however it's good for people considering the Axon 10 Pro to see the video and also hear about people's experiences with ZTE with the Axon 7

    Personally I had great support via the 2 year warranty, but software has been a problem. Features like daydream support were lost in the upgrade from Nougat to Oreo and not patched in the US, but were in Germany. While you might think you'll just avoid the upgrade unfortunately many of us started to see issues with secure apps like Netflix on Android Nougat due to patches required in Android. ZTE more or less abandoned us on the Axon 7 in the US.

    This doesn't make me want to upgrade from the Axon 7 to the Axon 10 Pro. This company had such success with the Axon 7 because of word of mouth,such a great design, and price point. They seem to have forgotten this with the 10 pro.

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    Agreed... Well i'm using the axon 10 and its a really good device. I'm very pleased with a lot of the features. its snappy and what not. I just have an issue with that speaker volume and the finger print sensor. I was under the impression that the finger to unlock feature would work when screen is off but you have to wait fo rthe finger print icon to appear first... the device is definitely worth checking out. If theres anymore issues i might just return it. Been considering the op7t

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