Will the Axon 10 Pro work on Verizon utilizing VOLTE?

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I have a Axon 10 Pro on order and am hoping I can get it to work on Verizon utilizing VOLTE. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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    if volte won't work you can call their tech and tell them o register your device as GSM only and that way they will change that on their end that it is non CDMA and maybe that helps to get VoLTE and text messages. Verizon is very open now to unlocked devices because they are shutting down CDMA soon.

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    It can be fully functional after provisioning CDMA-LESS feature. Can be dummy activated with any LTE only smartphone like A50 or one plus 6t or 7 pro

    It has all LTE bands for Verizon so it's good to go. Can use stock messages or messages + by Verizon

    It will also work with two Verizon sims.

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    Can you letus inow if the Axom 10 pro is fully funtional on Verizon network? Texting, Data and calling?

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    The Axon 10 pro is designed only for GSM networks. It does not have CDMA and isn't certified with either Sprint or Verizon.

    That said it MAY work as an LTE only phone on Verzion, but that's not something that ZTE supports for you.

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    Currently own a ZTE Axon 10 Pro. Just got it yesterday. I didn't really think of which carrier I would be using because I am a Straight talk Wireless User and they usually pick whatever carrier will work best in my area. I slapped my old SIM in my new ZTE Axon 10 Pro and since it was setup for CDMA (Verizon) it did work! But strictly just for data(LTE) Calling was completely disabled. After a chat with Straight Talk though, my new SIM is on the way for $1.05, not bad. Setup with AT&T. Still second best carrier for my area. Be careful buying screen protectors for the ZTE Axon 10 Pro! There are a lot of cheap flimsy brands out there that do NOT WORK! One is Khaos. Stay away from them. But overall this is a great phone. I feel like I have a laptop in my hand. Can be setup for multiple users and guest accounts right from the lock screen. Cannot wait for my new SIM to test out this gaming powerhouse with 12GB RAM!!! WOOT WOOT!

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    To answer this, only messaging and data. Sadly no calling.

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