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    Aah, I see. Well, that's unfortunate. At $360, I guess it doesn't make sense to replace it when a new Axon 10 Pro can be had for as little as $449.98 with the current $100 off coupon, which is available to current and past Axon 7 owners.

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    I have that coupon but with a recent job change I have to be careful with my funds. Not sure if I'll be able to take advantage of it before the end of the month.

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    Skinomi wet installs have been great and they have matte, just be gentle during the install. They also great about sending replacements, I used these guys for my Axon 7 Day one.

    But @dnewman007 Whitestone Dome knockoff also looks great if you want the gloss/glass feeling

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    I'm happy to announce I've found the perfect screen protector. Took me a couple orders to get a decent one(stay away from ITG) , but Deltashield (Amazon) is PERFECT. it's a wet install screen protector. Comes with 2 screens spray squeegee, and large cleaning cloth. Within 5 minutes, you could hardly see the screen protector already. I also showed a picture of the cloth from the first protector to compare the size with what Deltashield provides. I couldn't be happier.

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    I'd prefer Tempered Glass over film for a number of reasons, but am concerned with the UV Glue versions, which I've never used before (but have on order from AliExpress).

    How difficult is it to remove the protector, once glued down ?

    Does the UV glue leave any difficult to remove residue, either after removal, or even upon completion of the installation, with glue oozed out and cured around the edges?

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    I have been using the UV glue type screen protectors on my curved screens for a few years now. I have never tried a Whitestone Dome because of the cost so I have always used the generic type. Removing the protector is just like removing any tempered glass. There is no film left on the screen. Just make sure you cover the speaker grill (w/enclosed sticker or some clear tape) before doing the install. Just an FYI, The Huawei P30 Pro has the same screen so it will work also. I show the one I'm using on my Axon10 Pro earlier in this thread..

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