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From a couple of old reviews online it seems that both wired and wireless charging on this phone are quite slow. The phone is supposed to be Quickcharge 4.0+ capable, but from a picture I saw of the charger label it doesn't look like it ships with a charger capable of the QC4 standards. I have my doubts though since they are old reviews of the original Chinese variant and the picture I saw was a Euro charger. Anybody have more info? Please let me know, thanks.


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    Hello @nekketsu You are correct. The device is QC 4+ capable but it ships with a QC 3 charger.

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    Any Standard QC4 chargers should be ok, ZTE is not using any proprietary chargers

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    Why only a QC 3 charger if the phone is capable on QC 4+ ??

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    It appears to be the same wall charger that was supplied with USA versions of the Axon 7 and Axon M (maybe even some other ZTE phones too but not really sure). My guess is that ZTE is getting a really good deal from the manufacturer, a company called SALCOMP, for this model of charger. With the ZTE Axon 10 Pro being an "affordable flagship" and costing less than comparable phones, it's safe to assume that profit margins are narrower, which means some corners have to be cut and, unfortunately, this is one of them.

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    I'm curious about charging. i have been using a Qi charger at night which is obviously slow but i noticed the one tim ei use dmy fast charger the battery seemed to die faster... is that the pay off? Get more battery power faster, but it dies faster too? and possibly in turn kills the battery health? Battery seems to last me an entire day which is awesome in my opinion b/c my axon 7 ha dto be charged 6 times a day. Also, what chargers are safe? I've bought and used many cables and all of them suck... one of the chargers zte mailed me recently for the axon 7 doesnt even work right. I'm legit afraid to kill this battery fast by using some random brand.

    What QC4 chargers are good? What Qi chargers good? What about those car qi chargers?

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    It is true that charging battery at slower rate will prolong the lifespan of battery and also improves on efficiency (since there is less energy loss to heat when it is charging at slower rate). However, I don't think we want to wait 2-3 hours to charge the big battery inside our electronic devices. So, I much prefer quick charging. Most battery should last about 2-3 or about 300-400 charging cycles without issue. This means that you won't really notice the significant drop in battery performance probably toward second or third years so I would not worry too much using fast charging.

    I have not seen battery drains faster when I am using fast charging. I think it maybe that there were some other tasks working on the background that particular time you used the faster charger leads you to notice quicker discharge. You could always look at the battery usage (or use third party software to monitor battery usage for your device).

    In terms of chargers, I would suggest stick with the charging cable and adapter from the manufacturer. if you want to use third party charger, go with more reputable brands (Anker seems to be fairly well known for third party accessories) instead of lesser brands and check out their reviews just to be safe.

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    Yeah i see what you're saying. But already having issues with the quick charger.

    So I came home and plugged it in using the quick charger b/c i have been playing a lot of call of duty mobile. its been on the charger for hours and it seems to have stopped at 50%... ok... unplug plug it back in it jumps a percent or two.... and the time in battery setting said some time or something left and then switcehd from 4 hours till full or 1 hour till full.... already having an issue with the device?

    oh also how do i get it to show the charging graphic or icon on the phone? it doesnt show it when plugged in or on qi charger but just random times

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    With the stock QC3 charger the battery if you monitor using an app like 3c toolbox, will show a charge rate or a little over 3 amps , given the capacity, this is just a little under a 1C charge rate. Due to how the charging is set up, it only charges at full speed when the device is in standby (screen locked). One of the biggest challenges with batteries is prolonging the cycle life of the unit.

    If a device maker wanted, they could do even a 4C charge rate or faster, and give you a full charge in 15 minutes, but the battery may fail after 150-200 or so charge cycles.

    One common behavior is the restricting of a fast charge while the device is in use to minimize the amount of heat in the battery, since with all major smartphones (including the ones with active cooling which simply have an additional heatsink, but still use a heatspreader. often the battery and SOC will share a heatspreader though they are often unable to handle the thermal load of a fast charge + a heavy workload on the SOC.

    With the A10 pro, most of the charge cycle is a fast charge but as you get close to 100% it switches from constant current, to a more gradual current limited constant voltage to bring it to 100% as rapid charging to 100% will shorten the cycle life of the battery.

    When a battery maker provides a datasheet, the cycle life claims, e.g., if advertising a 1200 charge cycle lifespan, it is often based on a 1C charge rate up to a manufacturer specified point, then a switch to constant voltage, and a gradual reduction in current until the voltage reaches a safe maximum and current draw naturally drops to a very low level at the specified voltage. Going a little under 1C charge rate will extend the cycle life, and not rapid charging the last bit of the battery will also prolong its lifespan.

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    good points. yeah... quick charge is convenient but prefer the slow over night charge

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    Yeah the Axon 10 Pro comes with the QC 3 charger. if you want QC4 speeds then you will have to pay for that out of pocket. QC 3 is no slouch though. The Axon 10 Pro is also able to fast charge though PD charging bricks like the 29W Apple charger. So if your going to spend more on a charger brick: PD>QC4 but that's my imo.

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    I noticed recently when unplugging my phone from the provided quick charger and then immediately using it there was lag apparent on screen... Just like the axon 7 ended up having...

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    Lag immediately after unplugging? Can u post a video? I haven't noticed this with this phone or my prior Axon 7.

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