The only gripe that will force me to send this back.

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ZTE you NEED to include a screen protector with this phone. I've been waiting for stuff from aliexpress to put on this phone and it has now gotten several scratches, thought this was gorilla glass 6.... I'm sorry the axon 7 suffered from this so i would figure if a company can sell a good phone for way less and give you screen protectors everyone should. At least companies that know their phones will suffer from lack of accessories.


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    Time to add to this, customer service is a mess. They want you to call to get an RMA, told the guy my issue. You know he proceeded to google search for me screen protectors. LOL like i haven't already tried the ones on amazon. Then asked me well how can I help you. (I already told him i was calling for an RMA) So he took my info. told me they would call me back. How does your company offer a return policy and not have a department you can call directly too. Normally I would tell everyone how nice the phone is. (Which its a nice phone) But this is a work phone for me so i can't continue to baby the phone till product arrives from china. But after this call I'm might have to tell people to make a hard pass. Custom Service is really important when it comes to buying pricey products. So my recommendation to anyone is to buy it 3rd party.

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    After being told I was being put on a priority list and I should get a call back soon.... Do you think I've got a call back? Nope, I don't honestly think a lot of people are calling to return this phone. The way they word the 30 day return is a bit dubious as well. They inspect the phone to be in "Like New" condition before issuing your return. So what if the reason i'm returning it is because even gently using the phone its produced tiny nicks and I can't get a way to protect the phone properly soon enough to keep this phone in the shape I want. LOL they need to just let me drive this to their office in Dallas.

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    [email protected]

    8:29 AM (16 minutes ago)

    to me

    Dear XXXXX

    Thanks for contacting ZTE. 

    In order to better assist with the query, we may request you to provide with some basic information accordingly, is that OK with you?

    If that is fine: Please provide the below requested details.

    1. The place where you purchased the device (country/city) & the purchase date.

    2. Your location.

    3. Your nationality. <=== WTF? roflmao

    Please maintain the same E-mail subject and revert back to us at the earliest. 

    We will certainly help you with your query as soon as possible. 

    Best Regards

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    Bro, this is an automated response to any request to ZTE CS. I got the same one when I inquired about the status of my order. I ordered Day one (Friday 9/6) for an overnight delivery, but the phone never shipped until Monday 9/9. Received it 9/10.

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    You're reaching out to ZTE China and the page is being translated.

    The nationality translation doesn't translate to English well. It actually means which region are you in.

    Anyways... Give customer service a call 877-817-1759

    Mon - Sun, 9AM - 9PM (CST)

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    I know, but it still seemed funny to me. Sorry I should have reiterated that I found it funny.

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    Update, so I got paypal involved as well. Got a prompt email response that told me to call zte again to request a return label blah blah. So I called again and the guy was like let me check our records so i can assist you. "Sir There is no record of your call so we have to get information from you again to send to the department that handles returns." "So know i'm thinking ok now the circle of life starts!" I wonder how many times i'm going to have to go through this so they took my number again and promised me a call back in 2 to 3 hours....

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    Let clear some questions here about your issue...

    1. What's Axon 10 Pro Model? (USA (U), International (G) , Chinese (CN)

    2. Where you bought this device? (Ebay, AliExpress, Etc).

    3. Where is this device located? (e.g. USA,UK,CN, Etc).

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    I'm in Texas, I even offered to drive the thing to their office. So this is the US model bought from the ZTE store. I ended up escalating my issue to a claim through paypal and someone actually called me 6 hours later. To tell me the department I was waiting to call me is closed and that he would send me a fedex lab and instructions. so I got the label and instructions for returning the phone for repairs. Which I explained several times that it was a return. So i'm not going to send it off because They may confused this with a repair and keep my phone past the return policy.

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    logix225 send me a DM with your contact information and the RMA # you were given.

    I'll send a message over to the service center to clarify.

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    Thanks for the help @sshasan , got everything taken care of. Wished it hadn't taken all that, actually wished I didn't have to return it because the phone is nice in its own merits. Looks like people are finding protectors to use. Most the uv ones are coming from aliexpress so if you can stand the wait then go ahead. I know have about 30 - 40 dollar in protectors and cases for an axon 10 I no longer have with a few more on the way. lol

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