Dark theme and Android 10

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I have several phones, and my two newest (besides the Axon 10 Pro) are the Samsung Galaxy 10 and the Google Pixel 3a. Both of these phones right out of the box offered dark themes to aid in saving battery life PLUS they are easier on my eyes. So, my first question is when will ZTE push out a dark theme for the Axon 10 Pro?

Also, my Google Pixel 3a is already on Android 10, and Samsung announced yesterday that they will be releasing a Android 10 Beta program for the Samsung Galaxy 10, 10+, the Note 10 and Note 10+ in the next few weeks. Now, I am wondering how fast is ZTE going to jump on Android 10 and get this out to the persons that have bought the Axon 10 Pro?


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    On the ZTEUSA page for the Axon 10 Pro under specifications, it says "upgrading to Android 10 by end of calendar 2019." So, I take that to mean most likely sometime in December 2019. It's possible it could be earlier, but I doubt it.

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