Camera stabilization

Hello people!

I'm wondering if ZTE is ever going to implement some kind of eletronic image stabilization for shooting videos or images with the telephoto lens. Now the video comes out really shaky and the telephoto images always blurry.

On the camera app there is the live image option which almost always gives a better looking result with the stabilization than the saved image, and I'm wondering why couldn't this be used to improve camera quality.

Anyway otherwise I'm happy with this phone but the lackluster software for camera should be fixed.


  • axaxsaxaxs United StatesPosts: 18 ✭✭✭

    Same boat. I find it rather absurd EIS is missing from video, especially. I too noticed live images are indeed stabilized, making this even more of a headscratcher. I really hope ZTE addresses this, we shall see...

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