Why would ZTE keep pushing for my information

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Not sure if this right place for this. But at this point I don't really give a DAMN. I emailed ZTE with a question that's not gotten a response or correct answer to, anywhere. Cause everyone just answers same question over and over. Return response from ZTE is 'need your exact location, purchase location,and your nationality.WHAT? What the hell does my nationality have to do with a Damn thing? And EXACT location? You want that,GPS it.The Hell kind of questions is this asked for when inquiring about internal storage? Why I'm out looking for a different Brand of phones. And giving up my favorite phone.


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    @addermc Your emailing the wrong address. I can tell by the questions. That is the email for ztedevices.com which is in China. The questions are being translated and yes they don't sound correct.

    Please reach out to customer service by phone at 877-817-1759.

  • addermcaddermc United StatesPosts: 19 ✭✭✭✭

    Hey thanks, since I posted this pissed off comment I've gotten 4 more emails pushing towards info.weird part is not once have any of them asked me about phone info.(type, brand,model,build code. Not even if it's a"Hello Kitty" phone?

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