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Is it just me or is the Axon M the best phone ever? I can't believe I actually own one and for me it's been the best phone I've ever owned. I do hope ZTE goes this route again. I would love to hear thoughts on this.


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    I don't have an Axon M and have never tried, or even seen, one in person so I can't really comment on it. However, my Axon 7 has, for the most part, served my needs really well for the past three years and consider it to be a really great phone and one of the best ZTE has ever produced.

    As for possible future foldable phones from ZTE, I do remember seeing this rumor HERE back in March of this year but I don't think I've seen anything since then. With Samsung and Huawei releasing a foldable phone this year, Motorola about to release a foldable phone next month in January, and Microsoft launching it's own in late 2020, I think it's safe to assume that most phone companies will start to jump on the bandwagon too. I'm sure ZTE will eventually as well but I doubt it would be in 2020.

    I would love to see ZTE release a successor to the Axon M with an unlocked model and not exclusive to AT&T, or any one carrier, so that more people have the ability to get it. I think the earliest we could possibly see something like that would be in 2021 as ZTE lost a lot of momentum from the events that occurred in 2018. Plus, while ZTE does produce some high-end/flagship phones, its "bread-and-butter" has always been it's low-end and mid-range phones.

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    Given the sales of the device, I think it is just you.

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    It sounds like you've never owned one. Personally, being I do and have done much research, it would appear to me that not only was this device marketed improperly but it seems I think the major problem with this device is it was way ahead of it's time. This is being made evident by the way it's selling today ( two years later) which now ironically happens to be in the running with the new foldable's coming out now. What's even more ironic is the fact that even with it being one chipset behind, it is keeping up with the new ones. And might I say almost effortlessly.

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    Don't get @louisd riled up lol. We've already been through this back in June from this thread about the Axon M:

    The Axon M is not one chipset behind at this point. It was already one chipset behind when it was first released in November 2017. It has the Oualcomm SnapDragon 821, which is essentially an over-clocked SD820. Those chipset's came out three years ago in 2016. Qualcomm's flagship chipset in 2017 was the SD835, SD845 in 2018, and SD855/855+ in 2019. I have the SD820 in the Axon 7 and while it is still a very capable performer, it is starting to show it's age at times when trying to do heavy multi-tasking or running very graphic intensive games so I imagine the SD821 would be very similar.

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    You are absolutely right, I misspoke. However, as you mentioned with your device my axon m is not only very capable but is handling all the tasks I give it with ease. I do know however like all the rest it's just a matter of time before it's time to upgrade. I guess the point I'm making is that this device was well thought out and constructed very well. My problem now is what do I turn to now that I've had the opportunity to own a device like this and it becomes time to put it to rest. I guess only time will tell. Until then, I'm thoroughly enjoying this device and putting it through the paces. So far it's doing great. Kudos to ZTE. Better late than never. 😁👍

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    I have had mine for almost a year, but this phone is something I wish they kept going. Here some reasons


    Dolby Atmos

    4 gigs of RAM

    Snapdragon 821 processor

    Android 7.1 (which is a shame att didn't want to add Oreo on it)

    Dedicated button for your needs

    20 meg camera

    Storage space is decent

    Led notification light

    Good battery life (I'll get to that later

    Gorrilla glass 6 (I've dropped my phone and hasn't had a crack yet)


    Battery life is halved when unfolded

    Hinge ( starts squeaking occasionally)

    Some apps cracsh upon being unfolded

    Dolby Atmos doesn't let speakers (earpiece) sound loud when off

    No case for the phone

    Poor support up to this day.

    Camera AI sometimes messes up the pics

    Price for this phone on Amazon or eBay is actually really good, considering it with the Samsung Galaxy a 10 which has only 2 gigs of RAM and poor rear camera.

    Overall, at the end of the day I truly love this phone, and I'm not so sure why many people don't really like it when this can be a good cheap phone with good specs at a low cost.

    Just my opinion

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    I love my AxonM

    I use it daily for my work, dual screen is the way to go.

    I wish ZTE continued this phone line

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    Same here, have it for almost a year and this phone is still my daily driver. I've been playing games and I can even get 60 fps unfolded. This is truly the best device I own as well as a very unique phone (especially the design)

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    I love my Axon M too. I am never going back!

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    Kudos to you davettas, I feel the same way. What's really so surprising is what a lot of people are not understanding about this phone. This device is just that, a phone. It is a phone that offers the opportunity to bring home chores with you on the go. It is a phone, a tablet, it multitask's, a gaming device, a camera, and the list goes on. And the best part is, it all fits in the palm of your hand (not to mention your pocket). If I wanted a tablet, I'd buy a tablet, same with a gaming device and so on. The point here is, this device does exactly what it was made to do and then some. And how ironic it is to see that everyone else is just now getting on the fo!ding phone wagon. Yes I do understand that this in fact is not the very first. The kryosera (spelling might be off) was the very first. ZTE took the idea, enhanced it and ran with it. In my opinion, it still is the best thing out there. It is my daily driver and is very capable. Incidentally, there is an actual case for it as well. I have one I bought just recently (brand new) specifically made for this device. It covers and protects the entire device including the screen. Best of all, it just snaps on and comes right off for easy cleaning and then just snaps right back on again. Anyway, that's my schpiel..... LOL. Hope you found this useful.

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